28 fevereiro 2017

The boy and the beast

The Boy and the Beast is a journey between two different worlds. It begins in a monochromatic Shibuya district in Tokyo, where Ren a 9-year-old boy ran away from his relatives after his mother passed away.

After living on the streets and wondering lost in Tokyo, one night he sees Kamatetsu, a beast that looks like a bear and talks to him briefly and goes away. Ren decides to follow the Beast and that is when the boy discovers a mystical portal, he is transported to Jutengai. This place is populated by animals with humanoid aspects. There he meets Hyakushubo, a pig aspiring to be a monk; Tatara, a skeptical chimpanzee; and Kumatetsu, a temperamental bear who decides to train Ren in kendo or something that is very similar to kendo.

Of course there is an explanation of why he wants to train Ren in kendo, but if I say it I might give a huge spoiler. The director choises of actions during the fights, the humor sequences between Ren and Kumatetsu are the best attractions of this movie.
Besides all the characters' personalities being a lit bit cliché, as we see them growing in character and age we feel more connected to the whole story that to me was very moving. 
This movie got a 90% of approval at the rotten tomatoes and I also recommend it to everybody.

27 fevereiro 2017

A super late post about the Jane Austen 200 years PROJECT

I joined a group of super nice people to read all Jane Austen's books this year and watch some movie adaptations. This project was created by Natália Carvalho (check her instagram clicking here) and there is one book selected for each month and I totally forgot to post about it here. But, guys, don't blame me LOL I am a little forgetful sometimes. If you want to joing was it is totally okay, even though we are almost in March LOL Here is the list: 

JANUARY: Sense and Sensibility
FEBRUARY: Pride and Prejudice
MARCH: Mansfield Park
MAY: Northanger Abbey
JUNE: Persuasion
JULY: Juvenilia and Short Stories
AUGUST: Lady Susan
SEPTEMBER: Longbourn
OCTOBER: Mr. Darcy's diary
NOVEMBER: The Jane Austen's book club
DECEMBER: Austenland

If you've already read any of these books, it's okay and you can watch a movie adaptation or a BBC mini series and it is just a way that the creator of this project found to make us celebrate such an important writer and I feel like this is worth it, because her stories are huge classics that speak to us till nowadays.

That's it, guys!
See you soon,

My language books

I told you guys that I would post about my textbooks that will help me learn japanese and here I am to complete my promisse. At the beginning of my journey, I only used two textbooks which were Hiragana for Beginners and Katakana for beginners. A lot of people say that it is not necessary to use a book to learn both alphabets, and I believe it too, but those books helped my a lot. First, because I feel that it is a lot more organized to keep everything inside of a book, instead of printing a lot papers and carry them. Secondly, because there were a lot of different exercises to practice what I learnt. Finally, because both books came with a set of flashcards for Hiragana and Katakana and I think that this was what I liked the most, because it helped me so much to memorize all of them.

After that I bought Genki, the Textbook and the Workbook, and I loved it with all my heart. There is a LOT of vocabulary for each unit and that's the only down side for me, but for the rest I think it is very simple to use and on the workbook there is lots of exercises to practice the grammar and the vocabulary that I learnt. I have a lot of difficulty to do the listenings, but that's something that I struggle anyways and it is not the book's fault.

Then, I decided that I would set a goal for myself and I would get my japanese checked at the end of the year by the JLPT examination, and that's why I bought a JLPT N5 book to practice for the test when I finish my Genki book. I don't know which JLPT I am going to try at the end of the year, but I will make my best to apply to N4. 

I also bought two other books for reading and I will be honest that I didn't like them as much, because I found out that there is another reading book for beginners that it has a "dictionary" at the end of the stories with all the vocabulary that it cotains and I don't have it on my books and I feel that as a beginner, this would help me a lot. But, again, this is for practice, and I will try my best to read both books till the end of the year.

And that's it, guys! It isn't a lot, but it is helping me so much!
See guys soon,